It was in 1976, for the Asia-Pacific Regional Conference in Kuala Lumpur, that Nobuo Funabashi first composed the lyrics of The AFS Song. These lyrics were taking their origins in an ancient Sanskrit proverb that AFSers had been using as a motto since the early 50s.

„Walk together, talk together,
all ye peoples of the earth;
then and only then
shall ye have peace.“

For many years, AFS exchange students from all over the world adopted the song and made it the unoffical anthem of AFS. In the early 2000s, even though the song had lost some popularity, some more verses were added to the lyrics of Funabashi. You can listen to the song here.

This week, 43 years after the first performance of Funabashi at the regional conference, AFS Switzerland released a remastered version made by some local volunteers.

Gabriel Pitre-Traversy