Við erum mjög ánægð með að bjóða Wiktoriu velkominn!
Hér er hvað hún vil að segja:

Hello, Cześć, Góðan dag!

My name is Wiktoria and I’m happy to be the next ESC volunteer in the AFS Iceland office.
I come from Poland where I had a chance to live near the mountains and then move to a city called Poznan.

My AFS journey started in high school when my family and I decided to host a student from Italy. I became a volunteer and I found out what it means to be part of the AFS family.
I found it to be an enriching experience which led me to be involved on a local, national and international level while I was working with students and volunteers.
I took a step back a few years ago to focus on my studies and while still graduating I’m back with an open mind for a new experience in this beautiful country as Iceland is.

I’d love to find out about Icelandic culture and the beauty of nature. Therefore I’m very excited and grateful for having a chance to have a year of discoveries which probably I’m not even aware of yet. 

Hope to meet you soon!