Me looking at the northern lights!

“I came to Iceland in August 2018. To go on an exchange was one of my dream. I wanted to learn Icelandic, improve my English, but also learn more about another country and a different culture. I choose to come to Iceland to realise two of my dreams: to see northern lights and puffins.

My host family is a big family of 6 people, living in the Westfjords of Iceland. I am lucky to have another exchange student who live next to my town. For me, my host family was there when I had bad moments. How could I be sad when I have a crazy little sister with who can play together! My mother in Belgium always tells me that it’s easier to learn a language with young kids. The rest of my family is made up of two sisters, a brother and the parents. My host sister are the same age as me. We went to school together, which made it easier to make friends. They are really sweet. I also have one brother who’s a bit shy, but thanks to him I got to go watch football games. My host mom is amazing. She loves to play cards with her friends and I joined them (and I often won!). I’m also lucky with my host dad, he is so funny. He likes to take pictures and he is really crazy when it comes to family pictures, he always take thousands and thousands of them! With my host family, we travelled a lot and I a lot of freedom. I could go to the cinema, the coffee house or to the swimming pool with my friends. They are really different from my family in Belgium.

My amazing host family.

I learned a lot with my host family and I changed a lot in 10 months. I met amazing people from all around the world and I am very happy that I spent this year with my host family. I think they have also learned some things from my own culture and from my crazy country. I think hosting an exchange student is an amazing adventure for all kinds of families and it helps to get a different vision on the world, open peoples’ minds and forge a better world.”

Laurence Dehon, skiptinemi frá Belgíu til Ísafjarðar 2018-19

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